Welcome to Charm n’ Stitches

Welcome to Charm n’ Stitches!  I have been a self-taught cross stitcher since 1988 and finally got the courage to sell my hand embroidered treasures in the year 2000. (also, by then I had run out of family, friends and neighbours to give my creations to).

Cross stitching has changed a lot in look, design and media since I started and I look for innovative ways to integrate my craft into new media and new uses.  After all, there is only so much wall space you can devote to pictures and baby announcements.

I hope that you will draw inspiration from this site so that it will encourage you to start, continue or start again doing a craft I find to be highly creative, relaxing and innovative.

signs of spring


Wee Wooden Bird Brooches

The Winter of 2014-15 was a harsh one, wasn’t it? When I saw small wooden bird cross stitch blanks on Etsy-Tiny Lizard- I knew they could help hurry the arrival of actual birds.  At least in my imagination  I decided to stitch a chickadee, since they are always so cute, a robin as a harbringer of spring, a goldfinch because of their cheery yellow colour and a blue bird ’cause they’re happy. I even went as far as borrowing bird identification books from a friend to get their colouring right. They were a challenge to stitch because Tiny Lizard puts a wooden rim around the back of the shape, making it hard to weave the thread ends under your back stitches.  I made a tool out of hard plastic to help. The rim and the felt they supply really makes the back of the work look clean, its just a challenge to work with.  I’ll have to describe how I did it in a future blog for you curious stitchers out there. Tiny Lizard makes some really unique shapes and getting around the back thread finishing issues is all that could hold your back from making something you’d really treasure.